About me

I am a fine art photographer born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, currently living in Livermore, California. Among various childhood interests, getting a camera and taking pictures became a passion at an early age, and photography has been in my life ever since. It could be said that pursuing photography is a natural result of the influences of my parents… my father’s career was in animation photography, and my mother’s spanned interior design, weaving, and other creative endeavors.

In addition to holding liberal arts and computer science degrees, I earned a Certificate in General Studies at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City. I also enjoy attending seminars and photo workshops when I get the chance.

What I love most about photography is that the spark and the magic of it never fade….there is always discovery to behold, a new way of looking. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little, I’m thrilled that you did.